H2K vs. Roccat – EU LCS – Week 8 – Day 1 – Preview

H2K vs. Roccat are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Thursday, March 10, 2016 – Week 8 – Day 1


Odoamne : fredy122

Jankos : Airwaks

Ryu : Betsy


Vander : Noxiak

H2K are currently a super dominant team situated at the top of the standings, and their game play shows it. As a team they are controlling in all lanes and each person is able to carry if others aren’t able to. Odoamne, as shot caller is doing a good job, and has been able to lead his team to victory.

For Roccat, with new support Noxiak, and recent substitute Tabzz, they seem to be picking up more wins. By putting Tabzz into the solo carry role, using team compositions such as protect the Kog Maw, or Kalista team comps, they can use him to deal a lot of damage and carry their fights. Their weak point is arguably fredy122, who hasn’t been performing at his peak, but if the team can cover his weaknesses, then they will perform well.

Overall, it is expected for H2K to win, as they are mechanically better in each lane, and have played together for much longer than Roccat.

Chance of victory: H2K: 75% : Roccat: 25%