Hai CONFIRMS that FlyQuest is scripted

After many jokes, memes and speculation, Hai has CONFIRMED that LCS is scripted

“It kinda sucked to start 0-2, but, you guys told me it’d take the next 3 games so i’d be fine
with it”

As many fans have already guessed or at least joked around, it has been brought up again by former Cloud 9 mid laner and current FlyQuest mid laner Hai, that LCS is scripted. The veteran player with deep connections throughout League of Legends’s competitive and professional side with Riot developers ay sound very reliable, but he is also, as many of you know a fairly big troll and trash talker.

Hai was questioned about their performance against CLG, where they were initially down 0-2. but came back in a reverse sweep of 3-2. This total upset was brought up in the interview, where Hai mentioned that their performance was due to Riot’s scripts which they had to follow. The comment thus gained tons of attention from the twitch chat and has blown up on a reddit post, where many have brought the memes back of Riot having scripted LCS.

That said, LCS is scripted to a degree, such as the post game analysis where the commentators do actually read scripts for example, in the game’s play by pay analysis. However, LCS and Riot does not fix results between teams as that is obviously illegal!