Hal Biagas becomes first Riot players association head

After a whole lot of drama about the Riot players PA, they have appointed their association’s head

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Riot games has announced that they will be hiring Hal Biagas to head to operation of the Player’s association, an upcoming essential part of the League of Legends esports division. Biagas was picked from 3 candidates that were flown in by Riot, professional players from various LCS teams then voted on their candidate, which Biagas then emerged as the victor. Hal Biagas is prominently known for his time working in the NBPA counsel,

The Riot’s association has faced a ton of drama between players and their organisations. However, overall, it aims to ensure that there are sufficient player rights, and that the teams will be held responsible for any unpleasant actions. Hai is definitely qualified for the position, as not only had he previously worked 13 years for the NBA in the sports scene, but he also has great knowledge between the relationships of players and their teams.

I definitely think this guy will cause more drama between the team owners and their players, but in the end, it should turn out well as it is unlikely teams will drop their spots in favour of some spare change.