Head coach “Deilor” leaves Fnatic

Head coach “Deilor” and Fnatic have on friendly terms parted ways due to the unideal performance of the Fnatic League of Legends teams.

Fnatic has announced that Luis “Deilor” Sevilla will be stepping down as head coach and leaving the organization voluntarily. “Deilor” has been with Fnatic since late January last year, where he stepped directly into the head coach position and remained with them for 2 seasons.

The beginning of “Deilor” allowed Fnatic to drastically improve, winning 2 EU LCS Playoffs followed with a few 3-4th positions which isn’t too bad. However, the performance since the beginner of this year has been very shaky as even though Fnatic played 2nd in the IEM Season X – World Championship, they came 6th for the EU CLS Spring split round robin.

It is likely due to the recent poor performance of the team that “Deilor” has decided to step down from the position while Fnatic gets a new coach. “Deilor” in his statement claims responsibility for the somewhat downfall of the team as from his “point of view, this is not acceptable with such a talented roster”. “Luis has stated that his”interest in eSports is as high as ever”, however, he does not play to “continue coaching League”.