Hearthstone Card Nerfs – To Dust or Not to Dust

Ancient of Lore

Ancient of Lore

This card got so nerfed, that there is NO WAY you will want to keep it. 7 Mana for a 5-5 body along with a card draw is HORRIBLE, it’s basically an Azure drake with a +1/1 effect for 2 mana without the spell damage effect! If for some reason you manage you need the heal against the upcoming control meta, it’s just plain bad value.

I advise you to disenchant it while you can for full value

Arcane Golem

Arcane Golem

Sure, Arcane golem got +2 health, but guess what, they removed charge?!?!? Blizzard is obviously trying to kill aggressive decks and this is why they nerfed the Arcane Golem into oblivion. Let me break this down for you, this card has the same stats and mana cost as Dancing Swords right? If a druid kills the dancing swords they might draw Wild growth then spend 2 mana to play it, but guess what, Arcane golem pretty much plays the wild growth for your opponent for free.

INSTANT disenchant, free dust. This card will never be used in any decks unless they decide to put the charge effect back which is unlikely.

Big Game Hunter


Big Game Hunter is actually still pretty good, sure they increase the mana cost by around 65%, but with the upcoming flood of control decks with C’Thunn, BGH will definitely still be an amazing card. Control decks don’t care much about mana anyway like control warrior for example usually floats mana especially in the late game so the +2 mana cost isn’t a big deal.

Keep this card, it will still be in a ton of decks.


Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry lol….. it’s so dead. Not only did they double the mana cost which already sucks, they also removed the damage that previously affects the opponent’s face. Nothing much to say beside….



Force of Nature

Force of Nature

This card is basically making druid the biggest joke on Hearthstone now, since combo is DEAD. 5 Mana for pretty much 6-6 stats in total is okay right? Wrong! AOE will demolish the treants, such as explosive sheep, consecration, hell fire ETC. The list is almost endless. Even explosive trap will kill off the treants…. come on blizzard.


Hunters Mark

Hunters Mark


Still viable, sure they increase the mana cost, but it’s still going to be very effective against the upcoming control decks.


Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of Grove

This card is a joke, like come on, if you break this down and you think about it, there is no way it’s good. 2 mana for 2-2 body is already bad, but 2 mana for the silence or 2 damage, is soooooo bad. Lift your game blizzard, this card is SO bad. Even if it was 2-3, it still wouldn’t be good….

Disenchant, if they buff it, just craft it again since you get full dust value now.

Knife Juggler

Knife Juggler

This card isn’t super good anymore, but it’s still viable with aggro decks. I’d still run this card in hunter with the unleash the hounds, and run Knife juggler with aggro decks like Zoolock.

I’d advise you to keep this card, since it’s still fine. But if you really don’t want to play aggro and play your control decks, disenchant for a good amount of dust.

Leper Gnome


I don’t really foresee the card being used much, but it’s still fine I guess. Since it’s a 1 mana cost card that will do 2 damage to your opponent and stall one of their minion’s attacks.

I would keep this card since it’s only a common and the dust value isn’t that big.

Master of Disguise

Master of Diguse


This card was pretty much never used anyway, since they nerfed it even more, you should definitely disenchant it for free dust. Pretty much every other new rare card is better than this.

I advise to disenchant immediately

Molten Giant


Oh no, Molten Giant got nerfed into oblivion. I am personally a Handlock and Molten Echo Mage player, and I know that this 5 mana increase will kill the card along with the decks that it fits into. First of all, now your hero has to be 15 health for this card to even be played, this suckssssssssssssssss, since if you are down to 15 it is very probable your opponent’s going to be able to burst you down.

DISENCHANT NOW, 400 dust is amazing. Spend your dust on a useful card, like golden wisp!


Ironbeak Owl