Hearthstone Masters Korea S4, Semifinals – Tips, Odds & Preview

As predicted on my previous post, Steelo was able to advance to the semi finals with an outstanding run, finishing 3-0 against his opponent DDUPDDEP. His demonstration of focus on his game show his true colors as an outstanding player. Steelo was is now even considered by some casters to be the best player in the Quarter finals.

For semifinals, the brackets have now been generated and confirmed with Steelo having to vrs my pick for the player that will take out the tournament, seogui. Because of steelo’s outstanding performance in the quarter finals, i think that Steelo and seogui are relatively even in skills, and it will be an on edge game with both players unlikely to misplay at all. I think the deciding factor will be based on the beginning class pick / bans, as well as the starting mulligan. By the time both players will play against each other, im sure the two will have deeply researched on another’s decks and be fully prepared.
So my prediction that seogui will take the match against Steelo is around 55-60%.

My prediction for the match between Time and Irony remains the same, as both i consider are reasonably even in terms of skill, and the prediction was mainly based on their previous score against their other opponents. Prediction is again at a 55% for Irony to take out the match against Time since Irony plays harder decks which can perform better.