Hearthstone Masters Korea S4

IntorductionHearthsone Summer Season 4 Korea

TheHearthstone Masters Korea S4 hosted in Korea, has the top 16 Korean Hearthstone players competing in the tournament for a prize pool of 42,000,000 million won (won is Korean currency, roughly 35,000 USD).


The  Hearthstone Masters Korea S4  is carried out in a best of 5 format, where players will choose 5 decks to play throughout the tournament. The 5 decks chosen is reduced to only 3 as the opponent is able to ban 1 of the 5 decks leaving 4 more playable decks, the player is also required to choose 1/4 of the decks he will not play leaving him only 3 more playable decks for the match. For the semifinals and finals, the tournament format will change to a best of 7, instead of a best of 5 previously used for the earlier rounds.


I predict Steelo will join the other 3 semi finalists to play for the finals despite losing his match against the underdog of the match Time, Steelo is still an outstanding player that looks forward in his future turns carefully. In his match against time, he was also rather unlucky throughout the match and his misfortunes did not stem from his game, for example his final loss against Time was a top deck of around 1/18. Steelo demonstrated his ability in the matches, even though lost, he played around multiple 3 card combos, including his mirror druid match of “Innervate”, “Savage roar” and “Force of Nature”. The prediction that Steelo would manage to secure a place in the semifinals is at 75 – 80%

Hearthstone Summer Korea Brackets


Semi finals

For the match between the semi finalists, I predict that Irony would beat Time, even though the pair are relatively equal in terms of skill and both are out standing. I choose time as most likely to take the round since Irony was the only player so far to beat his opponent in the quarter finals 3-0. Since the match is relatively even, the chances of Irony beating Time would be only 55%, this’ll be a tough match that you should definitely catch if possible.

If Steelo manages to make it in the Semifinals, I’d predict that that is the furthest Steelo would get and that seogui would take out the match between the two. This decision is based on the fact that seogui is an OUTSTANDING player, seogui also has the highest win rate in the tournament with a score of 6 win to 2 losses. Chance that seogui would take out Steelo in the best of 5 would be around 65%, the prediction is not too high since even though seogui is an outstanding player, Steelo is still definitely a worthy opponent.


My prediction that seogui would take out the Hearthstone Masters Korea S4 is about 70% since his deck is fairly safe and does not require the need for immediate top decks, or rng dependent cards such as “knife juggler“. Without the reliance on rng having a major effect on the game, i predict that seogui could be champion when combined with his skill to foresee many turns ahead, and avoid lethal damage from multiple combo cards.

I’ll either be making another post before the finals, or post an in-depth analysis of the finals match.

May the best player win!