Hearthstone New Expansion – Whispers of the Old Gods

Finally, after much anticipation, Blizzard has announced the new Hearthstone expansion, the Whispers of the Old Gods.

Hearthstone WOG 4


The Whispers of the Old Gods has been revealed to contain 134 new cards, some of them even having some similarities to the soon-to-be removed cards from Goblins Verses Gnomes and the Curse of Naxxramas sets for example “Corrupted Healbot”, “Polluted Loothoader” and the “Validated Doomsday”, the art looks AWESOME too!

Hearthstone WOG

Blizzard has revealed some of the cards that will be released in the upcoming expansion, however, many of the cards that will be introduced have not been revealed in their official post, which can be found Here. Some of the cards they specifically mentioned that will be introduced “Four Legendary Old Gods”, one being “C’Thun”, a high cost 10 mana card. I’m really looking forward to see how players will draft “C’Thun” and along with his supporting cards in the deck, expecially since you are required to buff him in the early game in preparation for slamming him down on turn 10. This continual build up to play him with value will be hard at first, but im sure the player to sucussfully set it up will reap their rewards, especially if included in a fatigue deck where value does matter.

Hearthstone WOG 2Hearthstone WOG 3

As of now, the picture above are all the cards that were revealed as of this momenet, stay tuned for more and check Here on March the 21st for more card reveals aswell as the Hearthstone Facebook Page