Hearthstone Tavern Brawl – Shiftcon

This week’s tavern brawl involves a deck mostly filled with Shifter Zerus


Players will be required to choose one of the 9 average classes to begin the Tavern brawl. From this, players will get a deck mostly comprising of “Shifter Zerus’s” and a few of their own class spell cards. Note, that no other minion than the “Shifter Zerus” will be included.


This Tavern Brawl is a highly randomized brawl, as most of the time the player with the better minions each turn that are able to be played on curve with normal or good value will win outright. The tavern brawl can be EXTREMELY frustrating if minions given are not on curve and are too high mana cost, and this likely event will be frequent thoughout the game.

To win, I advise playing Priest as the spell in that class are the best, especially with the easy removal and additional value in buff type cards. Also, since this si a random tavern brawl, board control is key, which is why the hero power is essential to winning.