Hearth Gaming League Tournaments


The “Hearth Gaming League” offers week daily Hearthstone tournaments which is free to join and open to everyone in the public! These tournaments are both carried out in the North American region, as well as the European region. Players from who score placing’s in the 1st – 8th range can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards for example steam, or iTunes and also major prizes such as gaming gear. These prizes will required point to be accumulated from various tournaments, but it shouldn’t be long until you score a prize as the tournaments are very frequent. You can catch these tournaments from Monday – Thursday and the occasional Friday. These week daily tournaments are carried out in a Best of 3 series where players will submit 3 classes they will use throughout the whole tournament, and when you win with a deck, you may not use that deck again against the same opponent.

Hearth Gaming League

The “Hearth Gaming League” also have weekly tournaments where there is a prize pool of $50 USD, however, a entry fee of $5 is required. This tournament format is similar to the week daily series, however instead of a Best of 3, the rounds will be based on a Best of 5, where you beat your opponent with a specific deck, you may not use it again on the same person. Note that deck can be re-used against the same opponent is you lose against them.

“Hearth Gaming League” also offers officially approved tournament from Blizzard which awards winners points that can be used to enter higher level tournaments which can all add up to being able to enter major tournaments.

Join the Tournaments

To sign up for these tournaments, players must create a battlefy account and register their interest to enroll.
Click this link to see tournament dates : http://www.hearthgamingleague.com/daily-1000-series1.html

Once you see a date you want to enroll on, it will direct you to the battlefy page and from there, you enroll then when the time comes from the tournament, the information of who you’re matched against will be displayed there. Battlefy is also where you register your resulting score from your battle, make sure to screen shot ever win or loss to prevent possible disputes between you and your opponent that might be a little “salty” if they lose.

Click the link for more information about the rules : http://www.hearthgamingleague.com/rules.html

Have fun winning some of the tournies!

May RnJesus be on your side