Hearthstone Key Terms


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Card effects:                                

Cards in bolded, italic and in quotation marks are examples of existing cards

  • Battle cry: A battle cry effect is a one off skill that can only be used once the minion with the “battlecry” is summoned on the field. There are many battle cry effects, most minions with battle cries have different types of effects.
  • Charge: Your minion can immediately attack and does not require the 1 turn warm up time that normal minions require to attack. This charge effect provides instant damage that can be game changing. Note, if you try bm (bad manner) an opponent, and you play a charge then silence it, it will lose the charge effect, so be careful!.
  • Combo: An extra effect on a card that can only be triggered if you have previously played a card that turn. Note you can play any 1card and carry out the muiltiple combo effect for the rest of the whole turn. e.g. If you play 3 cards all of which are combo, you will only have access to the last two combo effects, not the first combo card as there was no pre-existing card played. Note that you can play any card beforehand to be followed with a combo card. Note, the “Coin” can trigger combo cards too e.g. “Coin” + Combo card would make use of the combo effect.
  • Deathrattle: The Death rattle is an effect triggered once the minion is destroyed. Note that there are cards that can copy, immediately trigger or double the effect of the deathrattle. You can get rid of the “deathrattle” effect by using a card with “silence”.
  • Discover: The discover effects are similar to a battlecry effect and can only be used once the minion is summoned, the discover effect cannot be cancelled so be careful as you might over draw if you have too many cards. Discover allows the player to look for the specific card type listed in the discover effect e.g “Discover a 1 cost card” will force a player to draw a 1 cost card out of 3 other 1 cost options immediately. Discover is essentially a “tracking” card but targeted to a specific category.
  • Divine shield: Divine shield prevents your minions from taking any amount of damage. Divine shield can be broken once the minion with the divine shield effect takes damage of any proportion. Note try to cast divine shield on the minion you want to trade on the turn you are trading so the opponent doesn’t break your divine shield with a mere 1 damage. Casting divine on your shield while trading allows you to dictate how much damage the divine shield will absorb.
  • Enrage: The enrage effect will only take place if the minion is damaged. The minion has to remain damaged below its maximum hp at all times for the enrage effect to be in effect. Note, buffing a minion’s health will not rid the enrage effect as health buffing cards will increase the maximum hp such as “Valen’s chosen”. To rid the enrage effect, you are require to either kill the card, silence the effect, or restore the minion’s hp with a heal with cards such as “circle of healing” orvoodoo doctor”.
  • Immune: Effect found only in the cards “Ice Block” and “Mal’Ganis”. Immune ensure your hero can not be damaged until the immune effect is worn off. The Immune effect within “Ice block” if only triggered for one turn which to rid the immune effect on “Mal’Ganis” you are required to either silence “Mal’Ganis” or destroy the minion “Mal’Ganis”.
  • Inspire: The inspire effect is triggered when you use your hero power. Note the inspire effect can only be used one a turn by minions as a character is only allowed to use their hero power once a turn unless you have a card allowing the use of the hero power more than once. e.g. “Garrison commander” or “Coldarra Drake”.
  • Overload: If you play a card with overload, the next turn depending on the number of overload, you will lose the same amount of mana crystals. The mana crystals lost are only temporary and for that turn only. e.g if you play “lightning bolt” you will get overloaded for 1, so the next turn you will have 1 less mana crystal. (Turn 1 lightning bolt > Turn 2 only 1 mana to spend > Turn 3 you have 3 mana again). Overload effect can be rid off through “Lava shock” which will remove the over load.
  • Secret: A secret is spell with an effect that is hidden from the enemy. This secret is generally triggered by the enemy with the exception of the secret “Competitive spirit” which is also a hidden effect but however only triggered on your next turn automatically.
  • Silence: A silence will remove all effects on a targeted card and cross out the writing the minion has. The silence can remove buffs or debuffs from cards but can not target heroes, this means if your hero is frozen or the enemy hero is immune, you can not target them. Note, you can silence your own frozen minion so it can attack again, however if there is a buff on it, it will be gone. Silence will effect everything on the card, also note if you silence card that “equality” has been cast on, it will restore it to full hp.
  • Spare part: Spare parts are a weak 1 mana cost spell dropped from mech mage with certain battlecry or deathrattle effects. There are 7 spare parts, 4 of which give minor buffs to the minions, the buffs include +1 hp, +1 attack, stealth and taunt the 3 other effect the minions and can “Swap a minion’s Attack and Health”, “Return a friendly minion to your hand or “freeze a minion”.
  • Spell Damage: Spell damage is an effect which will increase all damaging spells by that specific amount. Note that spell damage can stack, if you have 2 minions with +1 spell damage, you will have a total of 2 spell damage. eg. “Azure drake” + “Kobold Geomancer” + “Fireball” = 8 Damage.
  • Stealth: The minion is untargetable and can not be killed by enemy minions and targeting spells. Note that the stealth minion can be destroyed or disabled if the opponent uses a damaging spell that does not require targeting such as “flamestrike”, “consecration” and “holy nova”.
  • Taunt: The minion with taunt has to be destroyed before other minions without taunt can be attacks. This taunt effect can be removed with a “silence” effect from the enemy which will rid the taunt but not the minions the taunt is on. e.g. if the opponent has a “goldshire footman” on field, you will have to attack the “goldshire footman” before you are able to hit other minions with no taunt, or hit the enemy face. Note, if there are two taunt creatures on board, you have a choice between which one you are able to hit.
  • Windfury: Your card with wind fury is able to attack twice (Ultra windfury only found in 1 card is able to attack 4 times). The shaman card “windfury” can be targeted to a minion to give it wind fury, note that that reads “Give a minion wind fury” and does not allow a player to target themselves. Only wind fury weapon, “doomhammer” is located within the shaman class.

Other key terms:

  • Agro: Agro is described as a fictional scale to how much your opponent hits your face (hero). If you opponent is playing an agro deck such as “agro shaman” or “facehunter”, they will be going “full agro” as they will be constantly hitting your face and ignoring your minions.
  • AoE: Area of effect, area of effect means that spell / attack will hits more than 1 minion or character.
  • Armor: Armor is essentially just health, armor is destroyed first if the enemy hit you and your health can only be damage after your armor has been destroyed.
  • Deck: Your deck is the collection of cards that you chose to make at the start in your inventory. A “full deck” of 30 cards is required to be completed before you are able to go in game.
  • Dumping your hand: When a player decides to play every card they hold, dumping your hand is not advised as your opponent then knows you have no card to counter their card they play next. Dumping your hand is also not advisable as it exposes all your power to the opponent, if you opponent can deal with that power you lose the game.
  • Early game: Turn 1-3
  • Face: Face is used to describe your hero e.g. “Hit face” means to hit the opponent hero.
  • Fatigue: When you’re a party is out of cards in their deck meaning they are then unable to add any more cards to their hand.
  • Flooding the board: To “Flood the board” means to play many minions on the field until you cannot place any more minions, or almost at the minion cap. “Flooding the board” is used to apply pressure to your opponent and overwhelm them ensuring they either clear your board or other wise a lot of tempo since they are unable to “clear your board”.
  • Hand: Your “hand” is used to describe the amount of cards your holding. If you “have no hand” you have no more cards.
  • Late game: Turn 7-10
  • Lethal: The ability to kill the enemy opponent until their life total will be 0 or lower in which you will win the game.
  • Mana: The amount of currency that is required to summon a minion that specific game. Mana is reset after every game and will not be carried onto the next, both players gain 1 mana per turn. This mana can be increase by cards such as “wild growth” or “Innervate”.
  • Mulligan: The random choice of cards player are able somewhat decide what they start with. This random choice can be “refunded” once, card that are not refunded in the deck will be kept in your starting hand. The key to the mulligan is to find low cost card that you can play in the “early game”.
  • Mill: To forcefully cause enemies to draw cards in hopes of them over drawing to burn card or to fatigue them.
  • Mid game: Turn 4-6
  • OTK: One turn kill, to kill the enemy in one turn.
  • Overdraw: When you draw too many cards until it exceeds your holding limit of 10 causing it to be instantly destroyed.
  • Removal: The ability to destroy an enemy minion on the board. Having a lot of “removal” in your hand means you have a lot of power in your hand to kill the enemy’s minion.
  • Tempo: Tempo in hearthstone is the feel of the control you have in game and how much power you have to expel in that turns.
  • Value: Good use of your mana from summoning minions and using spells. When you gain value, it means to destroy a higher cost card with a lower cost card, where you then gain value as you have a mana advantage over them to lay another card.

I hope those list of key terms will help you understand more about the game and understand your friends when they talk this random hearthstone babble 🙂

Have fun, and send all your opponents to “OBLIVION”! – Deathwing