Hearthstone Rank resets


The Hearthstone Rank which you earned through battling opponents in the Ranked play modes resets at 12pm every month. Every month is considered a “season”, for example the November month would be called the “November season” and December would be the “December” etc.

With every season reset, you get a reward given you hit a minimum of rank 20, and depending on your ranked that ranked season, you get a certain award. The higher your rank, the greater the reward which will include a golden common card and a special card back, with a higher rank you can also get golden rare cards and golden epic cards. The major rank you will want to achieve is rank 5, as the difference between rank 6 and rank 5 is a golden epic card worth 400 dust. If you can’t managed to reach rank 5, aim for rank 15 or rank 10, where you there too are spikes in terms of the quality of prizes.

The gift is determined on what the maximum rank you reached was, if for example you managed to hit rank 5, don’t be afraid to push for legend as even if you drop your rank to rank 10 or 20, you will still get your rank 5 prize.


Major spikes for prizes

Rank 20 – 1 golden common, 5 dust, card back (55 dust)

Rank 15 – 1 golden common, 1 golden rare, 5 dust, card back (155 dust)

Rank 10 – 2 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 5 dust, card back (205 dust)

Rank 5 – 2 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 5 dust, card back (505 dust)

Legend – 3 golden commons, 1 golden epic, card back (550 dust)

As you may have noticed, with each interval of 5 ranks, is when the spike occurs. With each rank you achieve over the specific interval, you gain 5 more dust, basically nothing which is why you want to aim for prizes in the next interval.These golden cards are worth quite a high amount of dust, so if you decide to disenchant it, you can craft new cards for a higher quality deck next season.

Dust Value

Golden Common – 50 dust
Golden Rare – 100 dust
Golden Epic – 400 dust

First Hearthstone post of the year, hope ya’ll found this useful.