What are Fire Side Gatherings?

fireside hearthstone

Meet and interact

Fire side gatherings are events exclusively formed for hearthstone players to meet and interact with each other.These events can be created by anyone, however it requires the approval of blizzard for it to be an official fire side gathering. Fireside gatherings may offer prizes such as packs, money or even points which allow players to enter higher level matches. These tournaments are most commonly carried out in a conquest format, where both players pick 3 different classes and
battle each other out until one side has won with all 3. Once a player wins with a certain deck, they may not be able to use that deck again.

Fireside gatherings are most commonly found in the EU region in Europe, and the NA region in the U.S. The U.S as a whole has a frequency of 2-3 on average fireside gatherings per day which ensure players can get gather and meet one another often. Some fire side gatherings may require an entrance fee, however most of the money will go towards the over all prize pool which ensures the prizes will be worth while for higher skilled players therefore lifting the intensity of the matches.

Where to find a Fireside Gathering

To find a fire side gathering near you, visit the link below.

Fire side gatherings are awesome social event opportunities too meet with fellow hearthstone fans. Even if you don’t want to compete in the tournaments, it will be a great experience meeting various players and mutually learning more about the game with people all having a common love of the great game, Hearthstone!

I personally LOVE fireside gatherings, so please “squire attend (with) me” – Silver Hand Knight!