HeatoN starts own Podcast



Former Counter Strike Player Heaton has started his own Podcast today simply named “Esports Podcast¨

Hype about e-sports growing stronger, and one of the main profiles in the scene is  Emil “HeatoN” Christensen , current with the participation of the SVT program champions. Now it is clear that he should start Podda. The name of the new podcasts than simply “Esports Podcast” and it is done in cooperation with Perfect Day Media.


– Esport is extremely exciting and we want to make a product that seems interesting both for the initiated, and for beginners together with HeatoN, says Amanda Schulman , chief creative Officer of Perfect Day Media in a press release.

The company will judge the interest from the market as large and from the start has Esportpodden sponsors.

– Something that proves that we are absolutely right there that invests in esports in podcast format. Both Emil and André have extensive knowledge and experience in esports and we are very pleased to now be able to launch this podcast in our growing network of niche premium products¨ says Perfect Day Media’s sales manager Felicia Lagerwall .


Heaton has posted on his facebook timeline :

I am proud to present “Esportpodden”, my new podcast with focus on esports. I will together with André “rich” Åkerblom bring you the latest news, tips, inside info and much more!

Read more about the podcast at http://www.resume.se/…/…/05/heaton-gor-podd-med-perfect-day/

Listen and don’t forget to subscribe to make the first podcast appear in the flow, https://itun.es/i6hM4hX, I am more than happy to hear your feedback on the podcast here or in a private message!


The former NIP player is one of the most decorated eSports player. Heaton has been a core member of NIP. He has always helped the members of the Swedish organisation. Heaton is the first person to be inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame. 


Felicia Lagerwall statement. 

Heaton Facebook.