Heaton’s picks for Eleague Season 2 Group B


NiP to win group B – 31/20

This year has been full of up and downs for NiP.

We suffered an early exit at Epicenter but bounced back swiftly to take a more than respectable third place at ESL Pro League.

In my opinion GeT_RiGhT was by far our best player in Sao Paulo and he’s full of confidence heading into ELEAGUE.

Unfortunately our schedule has been hectic to say the least but that won’t stop us progressing to the playoffs.

The team are super professional and will make full use of the practice rooms at ELEAGUE to make sure they’re on top form.

NiP have had some great results recently and with Get_RiGhT playing like it’s 2013 we have a great chance of progressing.

G2 to win group B – 3/1

A few months back in time, G2 were destroying everyone in their path and would have been favourites to walk this group.

Their form as of late though, is another story.

I still believe they’re capable of going toe-to-toe with the very best, but good results when the pressure is on have been hard to come by.

Failing to qualify for ESL Pro League may have been a blessing in disguise for G2.

Having the chance to regroup and have a small break from a busy schedule could make the difference for the French side at ELEAGUE.


Echo Fox to win group B – 66/1

If we look at Echo Fox’s line-up most people would count them out before the tournament has even started.

The main hope for Echo Fox is if the European teams don’t see them as a threat and underestimate their ability.

Luckily for them, out of the four teams in the group they’ve had the most time to prepare.

If Sean Gares is able to bring the best out of his players and hard counter opponents’ tactics they’ll stand a chance of sending a team or two home early.

Virtus.Pro to win group B – 1/1

Virtus.Pro have recently been showing us why they’re considered the number one team on LAN.

It’s heart-warming for me personally to see another 1.6 legend, Neo, be on the top of his game again.

His consistency allows everyone to focus on their own game and often is the defining factor for VP.

For me Virtus.Pro are the favourites in the group but they’ll have to hit top gear to make sure of edging out NiP.


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