Hellraisers to trial Deadfox

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Hellraisers will be adding a new member to their team on a trial basis. The newest member is Deadfox. Deadfox has been playing on the team since the departure of Oskar. This decision comes in the wake of Hellraisers inability to win even one match at the recently concluded SL I league. Hellraisers lost to both Dignitas and the champions NIP.


Deadfox had this to say :


We practiced a lot and tried to win every single match we played, but we realised that Sergey needs much more time to handle communication in English,” HellRaisers coach Ivan “Johnta” Shevcov said.

“When it comes to important matches, decisions and communication must be exected quickly and clearly – the outcome of every round depends on that. And it is especially difficult to do that in a language that is not your own.

“We decided to say goodbye to him and give a chance to another player who had been playing on an international team for a year.”

Böröcz will make his first appearance for HellRaisers on Thursday as the team will face Astralis in the ESL Pro League.

The current roster for Hellraisers is :

  • Ange1
  • Bondik
  • Styko
  • Zero
  • Deadfox