Hellraisers v Vexed

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In house analyst Max takes a look at the upcoming matchup of Hellraisers v Vexed in the Uprise Champions Cup to be played on the 23rd of the December at 4am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Teams: Hellraisers Vs Vexed
Playing: 4:00 AM AEST
Best of Three format
Current Lounge odds 69-31 Hellraisers

My analysis:

Hellraisers is one of if not the most inconsistant teams in the world, at any given time they can be the best team in the world or they can lose to a whole bunch of newbies fresh out of global elite. Because of this I never advise to bet on Hellraisers when they are the vast overdog like here being 70-30 because the risk of betting so much for so little return aagainst how inconsistant they are I would always advise to bet against Hellraisers.

With that said Hellraisers should win this game as they are the better team. Although the chances of Hellraisers choking against such a team are moderately high most times Hellraisers should win this one. Hellraisers are having a bit of trouble lately losing 4 out of their last 5 games and drawing one of them, with the way they are currently playing I back vexed in with a very decent chance with the odds currently on lounge.

The tip:

Bet on vexed if they are 35% or less
Bet on Hellraisers if they are 55% or less