Hellraisers vs Empire – ESEA Premier Season 21 Europe – Tips, Odds and Preview


Hellraisers and Empire are matched up against each other in the ESEA Premier Season 21 Europe to be held on the 10th of April 2016 at 18:00 CET.



  • Hellraisers recently came off a very close best of five matchup against Mouz. Their performance was very good to start off, but they ended up faltering in the second half.
  • Hellraisers vs Mouz – Hellraisers vs Mouz BO5
  • As we can see, in the first two matches, HR were up 13-2 and 11-4. The first map was a close 16-14 victory for the team, while they lost the second map in overtime.
  • They did manage to bring it back on Inferno, but the next two maps were washouts
  • Hellraisers have been improving quite a lot in their recent matches, their performance against Mouz was a fine example
  • Hellraisers, considering the odds are a very good medium bet here.


  • Empire recent match results – Empire recent results
  • Empire’s matches have been against much weaker teams. However they have managed to be quite close in those matches. They did lose to AGG 2-0 in their latest match which should be taken into consideration, especially since I consider AGG < HR

The Prediction : 70%-30% Hellrisers

The Bet : Medium on Hellraisers.