Hellraisers vs Escape – Uprise Championship Cup – Tips, Odds and Preview

Uprise Championship Cup Season 4

Hellraisers and Escape are matched up against each other in the UCC Group Stage to be held on the 4th of April 2016 at 18:00 CET.



Hellraisers Roster


  • The team has had problems in the past with not being able to close out easy matches.
  • Hellraiser’s recent matches – HR recent matches
  • This match is a group stage match. Hellraisers previously faced off against a much stronger team in Alternate Attax.



  • Escape Roster –  Escape Roster
  • Escape’s recent matches – Escape recent matches
  • As we can see, Escape has also been doing quite well in their matches. However it should be noted that these matches have been against much weaker teams in ENCE and YP. ENCE is in a slump recently while YP is not the greatest of opponents
  • They did have one win against AGG which is noteworthy but thats about it. They dont have anything else to show for themselves.
  • That being said this match is very close as both teams are known to be inconsistent  (especially Hellraisers).

The Prediction : The teams are too close to be able to place a decisive bet on either one, however I think Hellraisers will be able to pull out ahead in the end

The Bet : Low on Hellraisers