Hellraisers vs Space Soldiers – Copenhagen Games – Tips, Odds and Preview

Copenhagen Games

Hellraisers and Space Soldiers are matched up against each other in the Copenhagen Games Group Stage Match to be held on the 25th of March 2016 at 10:00 CET.


  • Hell raiser’s results: HR recent matches
  • Hellraisers seemed to have moved past their slump in form and are winning several of their matches right now. These matches have been against much better teams in ENCE, AGG etc.
  • Hellraisers map pool seems to be all over the place right now. Hellraisers Map pool
  • Most of the top teams would have 3-6 maps that they are very good on. These are their strengths during a veto and they can plan their veto accordingly.
  • Hellraisers seem to be really out of place with such an evenly distributed map pool in combination with mediocre results
  • However considering their most recent games, they definitely have been looking up

Space Soldiers

  • Space Soldiers Recent Matches – Space Soldiers Recent matches
  • Space Soldiers LAN – Space Soldiers LAN
  • As we can see Space Soldiers last played on LAN at Copenhagen Games 2015 exactly one year ago.
  • The team has had decent success, but most of those recent matches were played online and not on LAN
  • The minimal experience of the team on LAN coupled with them being inferior in aim to Hellraisers warrants a bet on Hellraisers

The Prediction : 76% – 24% Hellraisers

The Bet : High on Hellraisers.