HellRaisers Win CPH Games

Copenhagen Games


Copenhagen Games came to an end yesterday with Hellraisers scoring an emphatic victory over Efrag in the grand finals.

Efrag vs Hellraisers finals

The first map was Inferno which saw Efrag leading for the majority of the rounds. They were up 15-13 before Hellraisers decided to 5 man rush mid. It worked out in their favor as they won that round and the subsequent round.

The overtime kept repeating and the game was soon tied up at 22-22. However Hellraisers managed to pull ahead in the end as they won the map 25-23.

The second map was Dust2. Hellraisers are really good on this map, evidenced by their 16-5 decisive victory.


They found their way through a rigorous playoff bracket defeating teams such as Preparation, Publiclir and Efrag in the finals.

Copenhagen Games Brackets