Heroes of the Storm Gold Series Tournament 2016 Tips, Odds & Preview

hots gold series

A battle to play one of the most competitive games to hit the PC, which of the top teams will strive to be victorious? Below is my overall tournament percentile on which team will rise to the top in this Gold Series.


With multiple matches in the upcoming tournament I won’t be able to cover them all, but teams to lookout for are No Limit, and eStar Gaming, and the possible underdogs of Oh My God to see how they fare in the tournament scene as a new team. With the meta of heroes shifting through region to region will we see a rise in a secret strategy through a team we haven’t seen before? Is there something a team has up their sleeve that they are waiting to pull out?
With a huge prize pool on the line you never know what a team will do at the stake of a victory, in Heroes of the Storm it never matters how you get to the victory as long as you get it.


Winning the previous seasons of Gold Series eStar Gaming, may take this one uncontested, which team do you think will rise and take eStar off their throne? Follow along with me as the games go on, and stay up to date with esprts.com with all of your latest esports news and updates.

eStar Gaming 28%
Edward Gaming 10%
Team No Limit 15%
Zero Gaming 12%
Cloud9 8%
Team YL 15%
Oh My God 2%
Star Club 10%


The Value

Team YL: $26
Star Club: $21

The outsiders represent great value at the price.

Moving forward we’re going to take a closer look at the up and coming match ups to see what team has a better percentage of winning based on their prior tournament results. Who do you want to see rise to the top of the Gold Series, and be crowned victorious this season? You can see all the match previews in the heroes of the storm gold series section.