Heroes of the Storm: IEM: Katowice Qualifier Match Previews

IEM Katowice Hots

Below are the previews for Heroes of the Storm IEM Katowice Qualifiers.

MyInsanity vs Epsilon

Myinsanity has a better track record as it goes, with no one in the EU scene to really even have a match to go up against NaVi all of the other lines are basically from the same skill level. A Couple different individual players here and there on both line ups that really shine, but I think this is going to be a close tournament all around. If someone really wants to knock NaVi off of their horse, they are going to have to work for it.

Prediction: MyInsanity 50% Epsilon 50%

NaVi vs Dignitas

NaVi is literally insane right now in the scene, and I feel the way they are playing no one can stop them. They throw the draft, hide strats, and will still continue to come out on top vs teams in the current meta. Dignitas will have to bring their A game to try and knock NaVi out of the qualifier.

Prediction: Navi 80% Dignitas 20%

Fnatic vs VP

Fnatic has been playing well, their roster is meshing well together, and they have a couple solid plays in history. Nothing to special here, but nothing to lose interest over as well. This match will be close but I think Fnatic will come out on top. They need to take this game, and every game in the future like they are going to play NaVi if they want to be the best.

Prediction: Fnatic 60% VP 40%

Team Liquid vs Reason Gaming

Team Liquid has had some questionable draft choices and I don’t think that will quite stop them against the new line of Reason Gaming. This is their first huge tournament together, and chances of knocking Liquid out of the prelims are quite slim. My vote is for Liquid.

Prediction: Team Liquid 70% Reason Gaming 30%