Heroes Of The Storm Beginners Guide


Welcome to Heroes of the storm! Or HotS for short. A MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) unlike any other. If you’ve played any Moba before,well forget all you know. HotS is very different than your standard mobas like League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (Dota). This introduction will explain basics of HotS and how it’s different compared to LoL and Dota.


A Moba ,if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a game type where a team fights to destroy the enemies base by destroying structures along a path to get into their base. In HotS they call it a Core. You win by destroying the enemies core. You use minion waves to take damage from towers so you can get into range to destroy the towers. Take care though. Towers are strong and will kill you ESP early in the game.

Free to Play

HotS is free to play. You can use real money to buy heroes, hero skins, and mounts. Money purchases do not affect gameplay in any way. You don’t get an advantage for using money and you won’t be at a disadvantage for not spending money. You will also be able to buy heroes using in game currency called “gold”. Gold is obtained after matches, completing daily quests, increasing your player level, and increasing a hero level. Every week there will be a free hero rotation. So every week you’ll have different heroes to play as for free. You can unlock 2 more hero slots after you reach a certain level.

How Hots is different

HotS does a few things different though. You don’t just stay in a lane killing minions in order to damage a tower. There are merc camps around the map that’ll help you push lanes. Also each map has its own special objective to capture. One map you’ll be collecting coins so you can pay off a pirate that’ll bombard your enemy structures with a cannon volley. Another map you’ll fight to control 2 shrines so you can summon and control a giant dragon knight. Breathe fire on your enemies and even kick one away from a team fight giving your team a numbers advantage. Those are just 2 examples from 9 different maps.

Team Based Game

HotS is a team based game. You win and lose as a team. Exp is gained as a team so everyone will be the same level. No need for last hitting on enemies. Just be close to the enemies when they die and you’ll receive the exp. Having at least 1 hero in every lane soaking XP is key in the early game. The goal early game is to soak XP. Also there is no gold or store in HotS. You level up and unlock talents to increase either your abilities or your hero. This opens up several play styles for every hero and map.

Faster Pace MOBA

HotS is a much faster pace Moba. The game forces many team fights around map objectives. It also scales up merc camps and objective damage the longer the game takes. A Dragon Knight 30 minutes into a match will be doing about 1,000 damage per hit and have a massive hp pool making it difficult to kill. Many games average around 25min each. Some can be as quick as 10min. It’s a game made simple so anyone can pick up and play but difficult to master.

However you decide to play HotS just remember. Play as a team. Even if you think their decision isn’t the best course of action. Support them. The outcome could surprise you.

Hero classes

Quick breakdown for the hero classes. There are 4 types although some heroes are a hybrid of 2 classes.


-high HP/survivability low damage

This is your tank, your damage soaker. His job is to start team fights and decide when to retreat from team fights. He will disrupt the enemy team and soak up as much damage as possible. This should also be your leader (IMO). A good tank that knows when to start team fights and when to retreat can be the winning factor


– high attack low HP

These guys are your damage dealers. Their job is to wipe out the enemy. Don’t focus their tank though. Focus support or other assassins.


These guys will keep you alive in team fights. Don’t get support confused with healer. These guys can do much more than heal. They have other abilities that are great for keeping the team alive and setting up kills.


These guys excel at pushing lanes, getting merc camps, and soaking XP. They’re pretty good to have in team fights as well. Just because you pick a specialist doesn’t mean you ignore your team and stay in lane. That’ll get you killed and puts your team at a disadvantage in team fights.

Learn the Game

If you are looking for an easy game to learn with fast action and teamwork then HotS is for you. Play against AI to learn the ropes and heroes then jump into some Quick Match for player on player action. When you earn enough Heroes try your luck in Hero League.