Hero League : Ranked Play

hero league

You finally reached account level 30, got 10 heroes and you want to start playing Hero League but do you have everything ready? Without the necessary preparations you might end up having a bad time in Hero League or reach a very unfavorable rank after your placement matches. Worry not because with this guide, you will be given the information needed to get a

1. Ready yourself.

Hero League is a very different beast compared to Quick Match. You probably noticed it now when you queued up but you were not given an opportunity to select a hero before queuing up. That’s because before a match begins, you will be taken to a Hero Select screen and it is here where you will take turns with the opponent picking heroes you want to use for the match, No duplicate heroes here.
Since you were given the opportunity to select heroes with your team, strategies can be discussed here. Since this is ranked play people tend to take things here a little more serious compared to Quick Match so you better bring your A-game here.
Hero League gives you the more traditional character select screen that most mobas do.

2. Learn the map.

Through your journey through Quick Match you should have seen all the different maps that the game has to offer however there are several small things that you may have glossed over or is un-aware of that might just give you an advantage over the opponent. For example, In the map Haunted Mines, when the skull golems spawn you should capture the siege giants mercenary camp to help you defend but you shouldn’t capture them right away, you should wait before the Skull golem leaves the opponent’s gate before capturing it. That way the siege giants will be inside your town and will be free to hit the Skull golems.

Another thing to take into consideration is the hero choice. Depending on the map, some heroes will excel as opposed to others, an example would be Zagara, she is excellent in Tomb of the Spider Queen and Battlefield of Eternity because there are a lot of blind spots in those maps and her creep tumor can provide your team with vision which your opponent may not have.

3. Spend that gold wisely

It goes without saying that you need to get the strongest heroes for your team. Having Sonya as your team’s only warrior while the opponent has Johanna can immensely affect your chances of winning. Thankfully most of the heroes in the 2000 gold mark can hold their own in Hero League.
I can give my analysis and say which heroes at certain price ranges are good but that would be for another guide.

4. Go with a friend

Not only will you gain the xp bonus but you will also have someone who you know has got your back. The community in Heroes of the Storm is certainly less toxic compared to other mobas but you will still eventually run into that one guy who just ruins it for the whole team. Queuing up with a friend lowers that chance and you are guaranteed that you have another good player on your team.

It’s Quick Match yeah. But the queue screen in Hero League is kind of boring.

5. Keep it Positive

As a famous Heroes of the Storm youtuber always says “You have to keep things positive despite grim outcomes. A match in Heroes of the Storm is never over until your core has been destroyed”. With how Heroes of the Storm is set up there are several chances for the losing team to get back into the game. A victory over an objective can swing the tide to your favor and may give you just enough breathing room to get your footing back. It is very easy to point out wrong things that your ally is doing but you have to remember to keep things constructive and not the opposite, always remember to keep your cool because if you lose it that’s when everything goes downhill.

Putting it all together

Now you are equipped with the necessary knowledge needed to survive in Hero League. You will encounter a few loses, yes, but do not let that get to you as it happens to the best of us, Use it as a learning experience rather than looking at it as a flop. Work hard to win with your team and you will reach Rank 1 in no time. Good luck out there in t