raynor hots hero

Raynor is an auto attack focused hero. The majority of your damage will come from you right clicking enemy heroes. To help you do this Raynor’s trait, Advanced Optics, increases your attack range and vision radius. This basically means that you see them before they see you, and you can auto-attack them before they can auto-attack you. Don’t think that this extra range will make enemies unable to hit you, a Kerrigan, Illidan, Anub’Arak, Tyreal, and The Butcher can all gap close very effectively.

Penetrating Round- Your First Skillshot

This where his first skill comes into play, his [Q], Penetrating Round. Raynor’s [Q] is a penetrating, straight-line skill-shot. Anything hit by this will not only be damaged, but also knocked back. Structures aren’t moved back by this skill nor are some neutral and enemy units, such as bosses and Lt. Morales’ Medivac ultimate.

The most important part of this skill is that knockback. It allows Raynor to escape dangerous engagements, and allow you to walk away. You can pick talents to augment Penetrating Round such as making it slow enemies hit, stunning the first target hit, doing more damage to enemies hit and more.

Penetrating Round won’t be able to save you all the time. It might not be able to push an aggressive hero far enough, you can miss, or the enemy team ambushes you. This is where Adrenaline Rush, another one of Raynor’s passives, will activate.

Adrenaline Rush- The Self Heal Passive

Adrenaline Rush will provide Raynor with a very large heal the moment his health dips below 30%. This skill’s icon is located where the [E] key is and you cannot activate it as you would with most skills. It is still possible to die while this effect is resolving, just because it goes off doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to live. Even still, it can really help you get out of a bad situation and deny the enemy team a kill. You can augment this passive so that you can activate manually, that the Adrenaline Rush will make Raynor take less damage when it activates or to simply give you more health.

Inspire- “… but they will never take our freedom!”

Raynor’s last basic skill is Inspire, his [W]. It provides Raynor with an attack speed buff and all near by allies with half that attack speed bonus. It also is able to reset his auto attack timer when activated, allowing you to get two quick, long ranged auto attacks off on the enemy hero or key objective(s). This also applies to friendly minions and mercenaries allowing Raynor to be pretty good at sieging buildings, especially with large minion waves. You can augment Inspire to give Raynor

increased movement speed while it is activated or Inspire is applied for free, when Adrenaline Rush activates. If you have made talent investments to Inspire itself, then those talent choices are also applied to the Adrenaline Rush triggered Inspire.

Heroics/Ultimates- Hyperion Strafing Run or Banshee Harass

Raynor’s two heroic abilities, [R] key, do very different things. The Hyperion’s strafing run will allow you to zone out enemy heroes and damage them if they enter the Hyperion’s radius (which is half the screen). This ultimate also has the benefit of causing more and unavoidable damage to enemy structures, making it a useful sieging tool, too. Try to pick a team-fight near an enemy structure to get the most out of this.

The other ultimate is Raynor’s Raiders. Two banshees, from the Starcraft universe, fly in and start to damage an enemy hero. This is great for single target assassinations as the banshees do some really meaningful damage and stealth after some time of not firing. This great for countering stealth heroes like Nova and preventing them from stealthing again. Make them think twice about sniping!

Concluding Thoughts

Raynor may be a 2k gold character, and the first one everyone uses, but he currently has a presence on the professional scene at the time of this review. That’s because of solid overall damage, sieging potential and survivability packaged into one hero. His main weakness would be his mobility, so be mindful of your positioning. Also, by being a very straightforward hero to play, some my find playing Raynor boring, so be mindful of this.

Raider’s Roll out!