Infernal Shrines

infernal shrine

In this review we’ll talk about Infernal Shrines, probably one of my most hated maps. The reason being it’s just too snowball heavy. Blizzard has taken attempts to balance it out and I think it’s taking a good step forward at the moment, however I still hate when I get it.


Three shrines are inactive and located at the three orange spots indicated above, once they spawn you will have 10 seconds to get to the shrine, activate it, kill 40 minions that spawn there while fighting the enemy team for it. If you or the enemy team do get 40 minions then a punisher will spawn and aid you in pushing the wave. There are three types of punishers.

Arcane Punishers

arcane punishers

These guys randomly spawn lasers around them that damage anything it touches.

Mortar Punishers

mortar punsihers

These guys shoot fireballs out their backs and hit targets around them, you can dodge them of course.

Frozen punishers

frozen punishers

These guys spawn multiple circles of ice that will root you, very dangerous, could easily catch out a target for your team to dive on.

Punishers sound like your average pushing assistant like dragon knight or spider queens. The catch is that these guys will target an enemy hero within range and leap onto them, stunning them and attacking them. It is basically a 6th hero for you or your opponent, providing cc and damage.

The strategies

At this point, your team has to decide what’s the plan.

Forget about it

You can soak the other 2 lanes to reduce the snowball potential while the other 3 defend, it’s really hard to defend as 3 though and through my experience, in QM, this is hard to do.

Kill fast, kill hard

You all defend, kill the punisher fast, either by luring it deep into your base and then try to kill a few of the enemy team to make up for forts down, this is the one stratagem I use a lot in QM, since it’s harder to tell your top laner that you can’t defend your mid and order him to go down mid-push and not everyone’s going to listen.


Going for mercenaries immediately after the punisher is down or if you believe that you can’t win the fight for punishers is an alright move. However, In my personal opinion, only do this on the first shrine. Because this is where the experience gap is most widened, on the second shrine you should at least try to fight for it since two shrines can sometimes doom a game by widening the gap to 3-4 levels.

In conclusion, cut your losses by half whenever you can while maximizing your winnings as much as you can. If you can kill a few enemies with punisher pushing, that’s great. You’re on the snowball road. But if you lost a few members to punisher pushes. Beware. May the battlegrounds be merciful to you.

Written by MooMooCows exclusively for