Hidan joins Misfits officially

Overwatch player Hidan has joined Team Misfits officially. He had been a temporary inclusion in the team during the recently concluded Overwatch Open. The Misfits roster won the event in what can only be described ¨ A surprise for many analysts ¨


The Misfits roster won the tournament in a very commendable fashion going past teams such as Reunited, NIP, etc.


If you check his twitter account, Hidan has changed his header to professional Overwatch player for Team Misfits.


The current roster for Team Misfits is :

  • skipjack
  • nevix
  • Zebbosai
  • Kryw
  • So0n
  • Hidan

Hidan has consistently performed well against some of the better teams in the world. Prior to his inclusion into Team Misfits, he had placed high in events such as Lenovo Summer Championship, Go4Overwatch France #2, Gamers Assembly 2016 etc.


Source :  Twitter BIO of Misfits_Hidan