Hiko leaves OpTic Gaming

Hiko will no longer stand in for OpTic Gaming

Hiko and “peacemaker” were previously brought in early this year at the start of February where OpTic Gaming saw their in-game leader “Stanislaw” leave thus forcing the team to look for a replacement, and a head figure. However a few days ago, peacemaker left the organization with no real explanation from both himself or the organization. It is likely he either did not perform as expected, or there was little team cohesion between peacemaker and the rest of the team.

The news of Hiko leaving OpTic is a fairly questionable one. Hiko is a great player, and has not done anything to negatively impact the team in the anyway. The only likely reason for his departure is due to bad team cohesion and communication, which will obviously force the “problem” player out of the team.

Hiko was intended to stay with the team for the entirety of DreamHack Masters Lag Vegas, but also stood in for the team in IEM Katowice 2017. However, as the team fail to make it to play offs and hack booted two of their newly recruited players, they are still looking for more permanent replacements on the team