Homestory Cup Groups B and C Preview and Predictions

nerchio not bad

On December 17th, the first Homestory Cup of Legacy of the Void begins. With new
units, new strategies, and one of the most interesting map pools since the beginning of Starcraft
2, what can our professional players bring to the table in this foreign tournament? Groups B and
C will be kicking us off, starting at 14:40 CET, featuring some incredible talent.

Group B

Time: December 17th, 14:40 CET

Nerchio: Zerg (WCS Rank 79):

Before Legacy of the Void, Nerchio has consistently performed well in top tier
tournaments, including a 1st place Dreamhack, a 1st place HomeStory Cup, a 2nd place finish at
IGN Proleague, and a 2nd place IEM. It’s fair to say that Nerchio has a great shot at taking this
group in first place. With the recent expansion the new Zerg units have been causing havoc in
ZvT and ZvP, so it will be interesting to see if Nerchio decides to throw in any builds
showcasing these new Zerg strategies, although I’d be very surprised if we don’t see some
drastic changes in playstyle.

MarineLorD: Terran (No official WCS Rank):

There isn’t much to say here, MarineLorD isn’t a player that often wins premier
tournaments. While he did take 2nd in the Gfinity Summer Masters a few months ago,
MarineLorD doesn’t have very good chances going into a group that has 3 of the top 100 ranked
WCS players. While I do think he may take some maps off of these players, I believe that
MarineLorD doesn’t stand much chance in this group.

MaNa: Protoss (WCS Rank 31):

MaNa is known for being one of the best foreign players in the world. Before the latest
expansion he was able to take two 1st place finishes in premier tournaments, as well as four 2nd
place finishes. MaNa is a player who seems comfortable in the mid and late game, although he
isn’t afraid to pull out aggressive builds from time to time. It will be very interesting to see how
his builds adapt in Legacy of the Void, and whether or not he’ll be able to take this group.

HuK: Protoss (WCS Rank 91):

HuK is a player that has always stuck around the pro scene. Even though Heart of the
Swarm wasn’t exactly kind to him, he’s still maintained the reputation of being a solid player.
We have seen HuK play a bit during the most recent Nation Wars tournament, where he has
performed decently. While I don’t give HuK the prediction of making it out of this group, I think
he’ll give these players some great games, and really show off what Protoss is capable of in their


I’d be extremely surprised if we see anybody other than Nerchio and MaNa coming out
of Group B. With PvZ win rates being at an all-time low and Nerchio being a solid Zerg player I
give him the prediction of coming out in 1st, with MaNa coming out in 2nd.

Group C

Time: December 17th, 14:40 CET

ShoWTimE: Protoss (WCS Rank 45)

While ShoWTimE hasn’t been able to break into the Premier scene too much, he’s still
regarded as a very solid Protoss. He’s a player that feels mostly comfortable in long, drawn out
games, he’s capable of the occasional all-in. We’ve seen him play exceptionally well so far in the
Nation Wars, tournament, so even with the low PvZ winrates, I give ShoWTimE a great chance
at making it out of this group, if not winning it.

Zanster: Zerg (WCS Rank 46)

Only one rank below ShoWTimE, Zanster is a fairly unkown Zerg player. While we did
see him make a deep run in WCS Season 3 last year, he is yet to place in any other premier
tournaments. Despite this, in a fairly easy group I believe Zanster has a fantastic shot in his

Dayshi: Terran (WCS Rank 164)

Dayshi is a Terran player that we haven’t seen much of. Besides a few appearances in
WCS in Heart of the Swarm, Dayshi is a player that hasn’t done much. Despite this, we have
seen some great games out of Dayshi when he’s properly able to harass with the potent Terran
bio force. Being in one of the more dynamic groups, I think Dayshi has a decent shot to get out
of this group, although I don’t expect it.

Guru: Zerg (No official WCS Rank)

I don’t really have anything to say about Guru. Besides being an active player on ladder,
we haven’t seen him at a tournament before, so we’ll see what he can pull out.


This group is hard to call. Although Zanster and ShoWTimE seem like the obvious
players to pick here, Dayshi has had some great moments in the past, and Guru is a huge
wildcard. I still give my picks to Zanster taking 1st and ShoWTimE taking 2nd, I wouldn’t be
surprised if the results differ.