How I was Scammed Over 60 dollars in Skins : Nearly My Entire Inventory

Recently I had the sobering and really unfortunate experience of having all of my most expensive items (adding up to around 60 USD) stolen from me via a lesser known scam to the CS:GO community; I know I personally have never heard of this one. Around two weeks ago I met a nice guy in competitive play. We were on the same team and ended up carrying together. He decided to add me and over the course of the next week and a half we played together, constantly grinding games like it was our job.He seemed like a really cool guy and we skyped and would chill out and talk after school/work even if we weren’t playing.


Jackpot Sites

It was while we were talking that he asked me if I ever go on jackpot sites and bet my skins, I informed him that I had taken it up as a hobby only weeks ago and had already turned a ten dollar inventory to around a sixty dollar inventory by sniping low end jackpot sites. It was at this time that he told me he had just heard of a site that had just got up and running and said it sounded perfect for how I liked to play jackpot (sniping pots worth just under half what my skins are worth). So he sent me a link and I clicked on it to see that it was a jackpot site and it had currently a 20 dollar jackpot – just the amount i was looking for with my inventory. So I queued up my items and waited for the next right-sized jackpot. It came two rounds later. This time it was 25 dollars. I put in all my skins and had a fairly high percentage to win as I was by far the largest bettor.


“Winning the Jackpot”

As per my expectations I won the round and all the skins that went with it. At this point I was waiting for the trade offer from one of the bots to give me my winnings but to my dismay ten minutes later I still had no offer. Just before I went in the jackpot my “friend” said he had to do something urgently and that he would be right back but he still wasn’t back. I then noticed he had blocked me and it hit me, I had just been scammed. I had lost the inventory I worked so hard to get. It was all gone and I had no hope of retrieving it. I waited for around half an hour more but there was no response from the site and I gave up hope.


Learn the Lesson

The lesson to be learnt here is that you really cannot trust anyone with the safety of your items and that the internet can be a dark place with some really bad people. I am only glad that I didn’t lose a couple pots, then put in more, only to lose even more. This whole ordeal really just annoyed me more than anything because I am a really nice trusting person and this guy clearly knew what he was doing and took advantage of me. I didn’t get his steam ID nor anything else I could use to distinguish him once he changed his name from the one he had originally given me.


This isn’t the only scam going around lately so here are some tips to keep you and your inventory safe;

  1. Use a mobile authenticator (this requires you to use your phone for any trades so no one can hack your account or put a worm on your pc and take your account).
  2. Never deal with people that want you to trade your items to a middleman.
  3. If the person doesn’t want you to talk to a friend that you are currently speaking with then that guy is suspect.
  4. I wouldn’t suggest doing any paypal deals and I wouldn’t suggest doing any deals with Steam cards unless they give you the codes first.
  5. Deal only in skins and keys to be safe and always double check the wear of the items you are dealing with.
  6. Do not ever click on links from anyone you don’t know and do not download anything from an untrusted source.