How long you can access EXP servers – Black Desert Online

In this post, you will find how all there is to know about the EXP / Olivia server

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The Olivia servers were designed by Black Desert Online creators to entice new / returning players to play the game. In these servers, everyone will have 100% bonus combat EXP to help them level up their ingame level, which dictates the skill tree and some other stats like Health. It is designed as a catch up mechanic for these two categories of players, and ensures that people who haven’t played in a long time or are starting out are able to somewhat catch up to the existing players.

For pre-existing players it works like this, if you don’t log in for 30 or more days, you will be able to access the Olivia server and get the additional 100% combat EXP for a month. However, there are disadvantages to accessing the Olivia server. On these servers, there will not be any world bosses, not horse races, guild sieges / node wars and you cannot access the Red Battlefield.

Additionally, once you are level 59, you will not be ale to access the Olivia server upon any circumstance.