How should Zoe be nerfed

We all know Zoe is OP, but how should she be nerfed?

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Riot’s newest champion, Zoe was released a few weeks ago, and she is BROKEN beyond belief. Her win rate is very high, at least in the middle ranks, and is almost perma banned every single ranked game. Zoe’s aggressive kit make her a lane bully that is strong throughout all stages of the game.

Ways to nerf Zoe:

Reduce her drowsy duration, so her Q isn’t guaranteed to hit.
Reduce Q damage – Sure it may be ‘hard’ to hit for a max ranged Q, but at the same time, it’s only a single skill. It also travels fairly fast, so people in the lower ranks aren’t able to dodge it.
The actives / sums on the W skills she picks up should have reduced effectiveness, possible 70%.