How to do placements properly – LoL

Season 8 just started, read the post before you do your placements!

League sign

So, Season 8 has just started, this mean a rank and honor reset for everyone. As always when the season resets, you’ll need to complete 10 placement games to determine your rank again. Depending on the outcome, you may rise compared to your previous rank, or more commonly, drop a few ranks. But don’t worry, Riot does this to place everyone lower, so people can earn their ranks instead of stagnating for a long time.

How to do placements?

To get the best results, sicne everyone is unranked, it’s never been better to duo with someone better than you. This is because playing with a friend a higher rank, or with a higher MMR will lift your placement ranking by a ton, since placement matches jut take into account MMR (Match making rating). The first few games are the most important, so avoid solo queuing unless you REALLY want your rank, but that’s not advisable.