Huge 1 million Prize pool – Fall Global Championship – Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has announced that the 2016 Fall Heroes of the Storm Season will bust out a HUGE 1 Million USD Prize pool!

HOTS world championship wall paper

This year’s prize pool has been DOUBLED compared to last year’s prize pool, which is a huge cash bump up for the team’s that will share the money. As a result of this, money had ben withheld from some regional competitions. It’s good news, since tournaments with higher stakes point money to the team who performs the best, and it keep it more competitive and lively.

The Fall Global Championship is expected to be held on November 4th – 5th in Blizzcon, Anaheim, United States.

Hereos of the storm tournament

The teams who are able to participate range from various regions:

2 From North America

2 From Europe

1 From China

1 From Korea

1 From Australia or New Zealand

1 From Taiwan

1 From South East Asia

1 From Latin America