“I take their balls and kind of twist them *like this* 10 times” – Ocelote on G2 & Fnatic drama


Following g2 gaming’s 3-1 win against Splyce, Ocelote addressed in an interview that G2 has no financial ties with Fnatic


Ocelote explained that the loan between Jens hilgers and Fnatic was a known public information that he knew of and even gave the green light to. Ocelote described that Jen and the owner of Fnatic were friends, and the loan is simply a loan from a friend to another friend. He also stated that he “simply saw no conflict of interest there, and that trying to find a conflict of interest there is just looking for drama there”.

Ocelote went further to illustrate that “when (he) sends players to Fnatic”, he “takes their balls and kind of twist them *like this* 10 times”. He describes g2 and Fnatic having no ties together stating in the interview that “why would I want to have ties with my direct and biggest competitor”.

(Watch interview here, starts when Ocelote talks about G2 & Fnatic)

Responding to the possibility of G2 being shut down like Renegades or TDK, Ocelote explains that “comparing what happened with Renegades and what’s happening with Jens and Fnatic, not G2, it’s Jens and fnatic” that it’s not comparable. He states this so even if Riot deemed Jens and Fnatic did have financial ties, that G2 would not be pulled into that drama and avoid cupability.