IEM Katowice – Team overview – E-Frag

E-Frag- Bulgaria

E-Frag is one of the underdogs in this tournament because they are a consistent tier two team with not that much upset potential to win a major against the high calibre teams. They have played decently as of late winning five and drawing one of their last nine games. They are trying to show they can break into the tier one stage of professional counterstrike.

The Verdict: Underdog team are not in with a great chance but hopeful.

Player to watch:

spyleadeR, the in game leader for this team is going to have to be the difference maker for them as e-frag’s players do not have insane aim or a crazy awper like GuardiaN or KennyS. So the strategy for E-frag is going to have to put them in a position where these differences can be ignored.


spyleadeR (in game leader)

v1c7oR (rifler)

dream3r (rifler)

bubble (awper)

nkl (support fragger)