IEM Katowice – Team Overview – ENVYUS- France

Envyus has been one of if not the strongest team in France and on their day the world for a long time now. Many predictions have Envyus making the semi finals if not the grand finals. Envyus have been showing strong form as of late winning 8 out of their last 9 games and they are searching for yet another major tournament victory.

The Verdict: Strong contender one of the teams to beat.


Player to watch:

KennyS on the awp will almost certainly be deciding factor for Envyus. As he plays a very emotional game if he is on fire it will not be hard for him to drop 30 or 40 kills in a map and clutch many rounds. On the flip side; if he starts playing poorly it will basically be a 4 vs 5 and KennyS will more or less be non existent. KennyS needs to peak at the right time during finals as his other 4 players can carry him against lesser teams if he is playing poorly. Envyus will have a very high chance of winning the finals if KennyS is on point during finals.


KennyS (awper)

apEX (entry fragger)

Happy (lurker / sometimes awps/ in game leader)

NBK (support fragger

Kioshima (lurker / support fragger)