IEM Katowice – Team overview – FaZe

FaZe- Europe

FaZe is an extremely new team, they have only played 3 games for a total of 4 maps. This doesn’t mean that their players are all new, they acquired the old G2 lineup and they were a decent team. FaZe has had a decent start winning one of their three games with both losses to top tier teams and a win against LG. FaZe are out to show that the investment was worth it and they are keen to prove themselves.

The Verdict: Untested new team may end up being a contender.


Player to watch:

Maikelele has been a really clutch, really aggressive strong awper for a while, recently for G2 and then FaZe he has hit a little bit of a rough patch but if he sets himself right for this tournament FaZe has as good a chance as any to make a decent finals run.


Maikelele (in game leader/ awper)

rain (entry fragger)

fox (support fragger)

jkaem (lurker)

aizy (rifler)