IEM Katowice – Team overview – Fnatic

Fnatic- Sweden

Arguably one of the best teams in the world, Fnatic recently made a roster change in which they lost one of their strongest players; prone. Many people thought that this lost would negatively impact the teams performance but surprisingly they are still an extremely strong team. They have been really good lately winning seven out of their last eight matches. Fnatic are in it to win it and have shown they are still the best in the world.

The Verdict: The team to beat.

Fnatic Logo

Player to watch:

Flusha has been so good at the game for so long he is often accused of hacking. These allegations are incorrect but that’s just how good he is. He is often the key to winning round after round on terrorist side for fnatic. If he is able to get large frag counts and open up rounds with aim duels Fnatic have a really strong chance of winning the whole tournament.


flusha (rifler/ in game leader)

JW (awper)

olofmeister (entry fragger/ backup awper)

dennis (rifler)

KRiMZ (support fragger)