IEM Katowice – Team overview – Lumosity Gaming

Lumosity Gaming- Brazil

LG’s rise to success was slow and arduous but it has finally happened and they have turned from a cheese best of one team into a strong team winning best of threes and fives against the top teams. Lumosity have been playing pretty well as of late winning five of their last eight only losing out to the top teams. They are out to show that their rise to success has been fruitful and they can get the major tournament finishes to prove it.

The Verdict: Recent rise to near the top in with a good chance.


Player to watch:

FalleN basically created LG and choosing all of his team-mates turned himself into an in game leader. He taught himself how to use the awp against some of the star awpers. He is sometimes considered the best in game leader currently as his understanding of the game and mid-round strategy-calling is second to none besides perhaps pronax.


FalleN (in game leader/awper)

fer (entry fragger)

coldzera (support fragger)

fnx (lurker/ entry fragger)

TACO (entryf ragger)