IEM Katowice – Team overview – Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere- Ukraine

The Verdict: Outside the top but can’t count them out.


Navi is commonly referred to as one of the top teams in CS:GO. Many rankings put Navi in the top 4 teams in the world and there is a decent chance they could make finals. Lately, Navi have been playing decently winning 6 out of their last 8 games with one of their losses to Fnatic. Navi is out to show that they aren’t just a one man team.

Player to watch:

GuardiaN on the awp is considered one of the top two if not the best awper currently in the world and has been carrying Navi for quite a long time. Some might say his biggest rival is KennyS although he is not an emotional player and will consistently get 20-30 kills for Navi as an aggressive pick player. If GuardiaN is able to get these picks and turn each round into a 4 v 5 navi have a strong chance of going to the grand final.


GuardiaN (awper)

Zeus (in game leader)

seized (anchor/ fragger)

flamie (support/ entry fragger)

Edward (secondary fragger)