IEM Katowice – Team overview – Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas- Sweden

For a while NIPS was the best team in the world by a long shot, however to return to that status and and the very least win this tournament there needs to be some really good synergy between the star players of this lineup. NIP has been really inconsistent as of late winning three of their last seven games including a win against Fnatic. They are out to show they can be the best team again.

The Verdict: Lower end team underdogs with a small chance.

Ninjas in Pjamas

Player to watch:

friberg has become the clutch player that GeT_RiGhT used to be in the NIP golden days, he has one of if not the best game senses from a good rifler in the game of csgo right now. If he is able to up his game to how good GeT_RiGhT used to be in order to pull themselves out of their slump and get back up to past levels.


Xizt ( in game leader)

pyth (rifler)

f0rest (awper)

GeT_RiGhT (lurker)

friberg (entry fragger)