IEM Katowice – Team overview – Virtus.Pro

Virtus.Pro- Poland

The Verdict: Going poorly currently but can’t be counted out.

Virtus.Pro have been a very strong team for a long time winning and topping many events but as of lately they have been falling off. Only winning two of their last eight games they aren’t exactly in form but Virtus.Pro always have a chance of winning events as has always been show in the past. Virtus are out to prove they haven’t fallen off and they have just been on a poor run as of late. Logo

Player to watch:

pashaBiceps has always been one of the best clutch players in CS:GO and a stable and constant strong force for Virtus.Pro. If he is on point with any rifle it will be hard to beat him just on aim alone. He is cool under pressure and will constantly pick up frags for Virtus, however recently he has been playing poorly which has reflected in their results.


pashaBiceps (awper/clutch player)

Neo (in game leader)

TaZ (support fragger)

Snax (lurker/ entry)

byali (entry fragger)