IEM removed fan voted team spots!

IEM has announced they will be removing the wild card team spots voted in by fans in favor of adding 1 extra slot from each region

IEM 11

IEM stated with the fan based team votes, smaller region teams were left out in the tournaments as there were few spots available for them, this meant skilled teams were left out in favor of the more popular teams.

They have announced that IEM Oakland and IEM Gyeonggi will guarantee a minimum of a single team qualifying from each region listed below:

NA LCS – North America

  • EU LCS – Europe
  • LPL – China
  • LCK – Korea
  • LMS – Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao
  • IWC – International Wildcard regions: Southeast Asia, Latin America North, Latin America South, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Oceania, Commonwealth of Independent States

IEM 11 group stages

This is great news from the smaller regions, since spts previously were only left to the bigger regions such as NA, EU and KR regions. The change ill bring teams who rightfully earn their spot based on skill, not based on popularity or regional bias.

IEM has also announced another change, in that “There will be no byes in the League of Legends circuit of IEM Season 11”. The tournament format has announced that it will be through a dual group stage, where the 8 teams will be split into either group A or group B.