IG replies to Ana accusations



A new professional player Ana was contracted for Team IG last year. He was promised a fair deal and even signed a contract regarding the same. However certain conditions of the contract (verbal) were not honored. He resorted to reddit to vent out his feelings.

IG have decided to rebut his post today in what seems to be legally correct. However morally it seems Ana was wronged.


IG posted their response on Weibo.

Reddit User /u/kupon3ss translated the post and helped out :

The key points:

1) Distribution of prize pool was 20% to iG and the coach as per standard for clubs, then divided 5 ways among the players, since 430 and Ana played contributed about the same amount, their portion was divided up

2) This distribution of NEA’s prizepool was conveyed to Ana in english and he had accepted ithttp://imgur.com/cqAEWeC

3) There were very much concrete plans for creating a third iG team that was conveyed to Ana, which only ended because of his sudden departure to OG. Ana joining OG involved 0 communication from OG with iG beforehand with a unilateral breach of his contract and had in fact left the team and the country prior to asking for prize money. While iG thinks that it’s obviously reasonable to pay him what he’s due and plans to do so, its a bit strange for the request to come after him leaving the organization after terminating the contract himself.

Overall it seems laughable for somebody who has both accepted the stated distribution and shown complete disregard for signed contract to use some vague verbal agreement to cause a fuss over it. This is quite the double standard.

There’s a long section here about contracts which basically boils down to. Tian (Ana’s manager who produced all this drama) is basically insulting iG’s intelligence by trying to collect money that wasn’t in the signed contract to begin with after basically tearing up Ana’s contract so that he could join OG (remember that Chinese contracts usually mandate a very heavy transfer fee between organizations) on flimsy basis.

The first is that Ana had been left out of team meetings, this is true and due to the fact that Allen, the team manager at the time like taking separate meeting with the ex DK members that he knew well and that Ana couldn’t speak or communicate in Chinese. iG had reminded him to not do that and had in fact found a new team manager after TI. Overall, this was a mistake by the team lead who was punished for it by being replaced, its hard to construe this as a valid excuse of any sort.

The situation of a Chinese tutor had been brought to Ana multiple times and he had shown no interest. It it furthermore an utterly ridiculous reason to leave the team, if the Korean translate for rookie (a Korean iG lol player) dissappears for a few days, does that give him the right to sign with another team?

In fact at the end Tian came up with another excuse for the breach of contract in that Ana is still a minor and that any signed contract has no actual legal standing http://imgur.com/9SV3tXF

TLDR: If you believe whatever contract you signed is of no value and that Ana had already left for OG, what are you coming back to ask for money for, do you take me for an idiot?

Then there’s an anecdote about how Tian tried to get iG to forward some spam fluff blog post about how his coaching platform helped Ana win NEA and that many of his actions were just to promote and further his account-boosting site as a businessman.

4) iG had discussed this with Tian and Tian had basically agreed to table the matter (breach of contract vs owed prize etc.) since its just small potatoes http://imgur.com/eUSX8dp And just a few days later he comes out with the post on his coaching site and the reddit drama post.

5) On the ‘forced contracts’ the contract signed by Ana was an absolutely standard ACE contract used by dozens of teams and hundreds of players. In fact Tian had tried to make changes that mandated that Ana play X games a month or scrim X times which were regarded as absurd stipulations for all involved. The fact that he brings this stuff up after saying the contract is meaningless is quite baffling. So much for professionalism and honesty.

6) Ana’s reddit post seems extremely suspect and possibly written by a third party. a The NEA distribution was acknowledged by him, to claim that he didn’t is a large lapse in memory b The post talks about “Fast forward a few months and a lot has happened or should I say not happened. Ferrari430 came back to train for TI qualifiers and again I was benched” As a person who was there, how can you NOT KNOW WHEN THE TI QUALIFERS WERE (before NEA), how can I believe that this wasn’t written by somebody else. c “I really wanted to continue playing with my boys in IG but management didn’t let me. This is when Tian started negotiating my release from IG because they didn’t have any real plans of having a third team。” Nobody had negotiated a release from iG, the fact that it was a unilateral announcement that he was leaving makes one think that the whole thing was orchestrated without any notice. Then a paragraph outlining the detailed plans for the third iG team as well as a final declaration:

“What do you think benching you would do for us? Do you think that you’re 3Dmark2016?”. (quote) its kind of ridiculous to leave the team while terminating the contract like that and then have the gall to cause this huge shitstorm. (paraphrase).

Per u/xiaiceyan

“属于Ana的奖金,iG一分钱也不会少给你。不属于你的钱,一个子儿你也别想多拿。我也不希望这种事情在微博上还要来个BO3,在今天声明之后我可能也不会再为此事进行回应。如果你把你的东西都发到GOGOSU上面,希望iG来帮忙炒作一波,我这波也算是仁至义尽了。” The prize money that belongs to Ana, IG won’t cut short a dim. The prize money that you don’t deserve, you won’t get a cent. I don’t want to have a BO3 on weibo ever again, after today’s announcement I will not respond to any more issues regarding this incident. If you want to put your stuff on GOGOSU, hoping you can get IG to help draw attention to you, my response today is all I can do for you.

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