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IMBATV have conducted an Interview with HAO.Hao has taken a break from the competitive scene in Dota2. His desire is to rest and be refreshed for the next season. While he is not alone in doing so, his huge fanbase makes him one of the most missed players.


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A lot of people have been wondering whether I have actually retired and a lot friends have asked during stream when will I be back. I have actually never ‘left’ – I have been playing professional for quite a few year now and just needed some rest. I have lot of things that I have been meaning to do and now that I have a break, I can finally get started on them.

Right now I have rent a place in Hangzhou, I am going to first get a driver license and then I am going to travel but the most important thing for me for make sure my body is properly rested. I chose to live Hangzhou because my girlfriend is from there and its really close to Shanghai, so it is really convenient if I need to go to Shanghai/my girlfriend need to go back home. I have rented the place for a year but I can sub-lease it when I am not living there so I am not actually wasting any money! Its also near a mall, so everything is really convenient.

I have just gotten started on my driving lessons – I have only met the instructor once. Funny enough, the instructor is a fan. He is my girlfriend’s friend’s friend’s primary school classmates, he also happens to play dota, so we gotten in touch after I said that I wanted to get a license.

Although when we met he seemed pretty chill, he should actually be quite excited. I have already bought a car, its a BMW 4 series. Since I don’t have a license yet so i registered under my dad’s name. When I bought the car I was quite determined to get a license but I have been busy with tournaments so I never got the chance to, and it has been in garage ever since.

If all goes well, I should be able to get it in about 2-3 months otherwise its at least half a year till Chinese New Year – which is when l I come back, so I definitely have enough time.

My current travel goal is to just relax and should be around the Chinese National day. I am leaning towards Japan or korea because a) its closer and b)I have been to Europe and America a lot due to tournaments and there are nothing much there. I have been to korea so I am not that excited about it, however for Japan I am really keen for the hot springs! Apparantly the sushi there is really good – i have got a friend who doesn’t eat sushi in China but when he got to Japan he can’t stop eating or talking about them. I don’t eat Japanese food in China either, I personally prefer Hunan Cuisine since its quite ‘heavy taste’ so I actually quite look forward to Japnese sushi.

For the remainder of the holiday, I will keep streaming. Frankly to in order to be a (dota2) professional, you won’t really have much other hobbies – you play even when when you are ‘resting’. I usually stream after I wake up, till around 12 at night. However if I go out for dinner or got too tired from the driving lessons then I won’t. Taking a break for me is actually not that much different to playing professional – I practice anyway but my life is a lot more disciplined now.

When I am streaming I see a lot of fans asking for me to come back, I am quite touched by it – after all to us pros the fans are always the most important people. Streaming for me nowadays is rather interesting. I used to hate solo-queue because I feel like its meaningless – 7k matched to average 5k, all four of my teammates are 4ks. How do you play when your team crumbles during the laning phase? So back then pro-stack vs pro-stack were much more common.

But now, everyone is solo-queuing and after I started doing that for a while – I found it to be not so bad. Plus, Miracle got to 9000mmr before and there are no tournments after TI, so everyone was grinding and every match is of really high uality. We should be starting to get a lot more 9K player now in CN server. As for when I will be reaching 9K – I haven’t even reached 8K yet! I have got a only small goal for myself – 7.5K, I am 7.3K already anyway so that shouldn’t be difficult for me. For things like mmr, the more you play the better you are, so if you are good and with a bit of luck you will be able to get your mmr up. There are no such things are core is better support are worse at grinding, just look at kaka – he supported his way to 9k! He obviously know how to play core(carry) and carry is actually not that hard anyway – at the end of the days its a pub game, you only need to farm. So you are good, you can play anything and win, just look at me I offlane sometimes!

The Autumn major is the next valve event so all the platforms should have the right to broadcast. For Zhangqi tv, right now its only me and DD(former LGD support) so I will be teaming up with OB(Chinese veteran streaming/casting squads with ex-players including Longdd, 820, Zhou etc) then and cast together. I have coordinated with OB before but haven’t casted much because I was still a pro before so I have to paid more attention to my match.

Everyone keep saying that we (Hao and DD) are Retarded-Duo, I don’t get why. A lot of viewers watch dota player’s stream not because they are particular good but rather because they are funny/entertaining. If we are acting too professional then its might get too complicated, so we banter a bit and let the fans meme us. As long as the viewers are happy, we are happy. As for my funnyness, it varies, some day when it feels right I can make great memes but if I don’t feel it then I haven’t got much to say. So I won’t be really be casting in the future, once or twice is ok but if you let me keep doing that I won’t be happen to talk for so long. For example: if someone picked a naga and the game goes for an hour or two, I really have no idea what to case but thats when Sansheng’s bullshit skill comes in handy. He really has the talent of making things up. If I were to be invited to cast after I actually retires, I will definitely pick Sansheng as my partner and let him speak, I will just let him carry me.

Both mine and Mu’s decision (taking a break) wasn’t actually difficult at all. Our boss are really nice to us and very understanding, he is just like our friends – if we want a break we just let him know. Mu said that he is going to stay in the Newbee team house during his break, he will just be moving his computer to his balcony and play mmorpg all day with the view, which sounds just like him! I have been playing professional for about 6-7 years since I started a tongfu, its really fortunate to have a boos like this. Think about it, if your boss understands and supports you, then you will definitely be more comfortable playing and that helps with your team’s result.

New blood entering the scene are bound to happen after TI, when you conside all the old players that are taking a break – someone got to fill those positions up. And its a good thing for them (new blodos) that the veterans to take a break otherwise they won’t have a chance to shine and perform. Unless you are Wings. Take me for example: I am taking a break right now and someone is taking over my place – if he places well then its a good thing for the club and for the whole of Chinese dota scene.However, if you are given the chance but you don’t perform, then you will just have to forever stay as a new player.

New player actually does have their advantages though. When you look at Wings’ success, a large factor is their mentality, obviously skill and luck are important as well. For example, look at the TI group this year, we got third place I think but our elimination match opponents were much tougher than Fnatic’s who were in the lower bracket. The team we played after we dropped from winner’s bracket were a bit of a counter to us whereas Fnatic’s opponent weren’t that strong. So I think luck plays a great role but that only matters if you are good yourself. Including our win at TI4, luck was very important to us – we couldn’t beak DK but we played VG in the grand final. We are extremely familiar with VG’s pushing strat to the point where we only spend 10 min discussing strat against them beforehand “they are going to pick NP, lets pick position 3 alch. Ok that’s it, everyone can go now”. Your mentality and luck are actually important, so its going to be tough if Wings wants to get win TI again. As the returning champion, everyone is going to study and focus on them, so its all up to themselves whether they are get the aegis again.

There are a lot of tournaments coming up and since everyone’s team are new and tournaments don’t wait for you, be able to get your chemistry earlier is important. Take DK against for example: when B-God was there, they were the Galacticos. The name sounded scary but when not so much when they started playing. So the most important thing is chemistry, especially since every player’s’ skill level are more or less on the same level, so its up to coordinations. Chemistry is a strange thing that no one can’t be able to tell.


For the new lineup I am not too sure since I haven’t watched much tournaments but right now, VG, LFY and NB seems pretty good. As for the non-chinese team, I only really know about the EG roster. If RTZ is not there then the team is invincible – its not that RTZ is not good but he is a team-breaker – wherever he goes his team start crumbling for some reason, so I can’t really tell how good his new team is going to be. NB is going to join the Nanyang cup so, I heard that its going to be on a cruise so thats pretty cool. I might go with the team, I am quite curious and whether people will get sea sick playing on the boat. So its actually hard to predict the match outcomes since we don’t know whos going to get sea sick. But I am like Sylar, I like playing in big stadiums, these party-type tournaments are fun but it lacks a bit passion in there. Sometimes if you are excited it can help you to perform better.

As my lasts words I would like to wish our current NB to keep performing and get good results:

  • Hao will be back in six months, currently using his break to relax and get drivers license.
  • Hao thinks if you are good you can play any hero/position and still win in pub.
  • Hao will be casting the Autumn Major with the OB squads.
  • Luck is quite important to winning TI, e.g. TI4 NB wouldn’t be able to beat DK but they played VG in the grand final who they were extremely familiar with; TI6, they faced teams that countered their play style in the loser bracket.

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