Immoratility Gaming searching for Overwatch Coach



Immortality Gaming have their presence in CSGO. Their roster is quite successful mainly comprising of Brazilian players. They have recently ventured into Overweatch and after scouting a bit for players, they have a good roster available for themselves.


Recently a representative of Immortality Gaming made a post on Reddit inquiring for applications for the post of a Coach. The coach should be available for EU timezones


Hello 🙂

We are Immortality gaming, a Norwegian team. We have just started an Overwatch team. We started to create this team in late July. It took us about 1 month to gather all the players that we all liked. We have now played for 1 month together and we definitely feel that we are able to go even further as a team and organization.

Info about the team: All of us are between 2700SR-3300SR. We prac about 3 times a week for 3-4 hours + tournament matches. We use Teamspeak for communications. We only play on EU servers When we play we are always open minded with each other, like we are not feeling afraid anymore to tell each other how to play and what to play.

What we have achieved as a team: We are an Norwegian Overwatch team, and each autumn and spring there is this BIG tournament in Norway called: Telenorligaen. U may wonder: what is Telenorligaen???

Well Telenorligaen are Norways biggest tournament, with all the Esport games u can think of, like Starcraft, CS:GO, League Of Legends, Heartstone, Overwatch and Rocket League. These games are listed in divisions. In Overwatch there is 3 divisions where number 1 is the best division. Each new team have to start at the bottom and work there way up to 1st division, so when u start at the 3 divsion and u wanna get to the 1st division it will take about 1 year. Well we were able to win our 3 division group and are qualified for 2 division which starts at the spring time next year. Until then we are gonna pracc each week and join other tournaments on ESL, Gosugamers, FaceIT and so on. Meanwhile we want to expand our Overwatch team with a coach.

What we want from u as a coach: – You should be above 3000SR – Have good map knowledge and follow the meta – If you have any experience from other games and have achieved high goals in those you will definitely be a good candidate – Be comfortable with speaking English. If you can speak any Scandinavian language, you will also be high on the list – Since we pracc about 3-4 times a week + tournament matches, we want you to watch over us and come up with a plan for each pracc we have. So that we know what we should work with.

We ONLY play on EU so no point of asking if we play on NA servers. Feel free to add Superfli#2289 or Igniites#2618 🙂


Link to the original reddit post.