Immortal sign for ROX Tiger’s coach

In a bid to climb back as an LCS contender, they have signed SSONG as new head coach

Let’s face it, Immortals have fallen to an all new rock bottom compared to their amazing first entrance to the NA LCS where they were considered to be one of the best NA teams, almost being undefeated in 2 NA LCS splits. However, since then, their original members have left to be on various others team, such as WildTurtle returning to TSM and Huni leaving to the best team in the world. When Immortals announced they were releasing Huni, they stated they would be all about their players and would not hold them back. But, never did they foresee that Immortals would sink to a whole new level once all their original members left, leaving management to pick up the pieces and build a completely new team / roster.

In an effort to rise up in the ranks once again, they have enrolled for the help of former ROX Tigers coach, the man who raised ROX to a completely new level. SSONG had previously shaped ROX to be one of the best teams in the world, the team that gave SKT the best run for their money, and only real contender at worlds. After he left ROX, the team quickly died down and dropped of the eyes of many due to the huge underperformance and difference in skill with the new roster, compared to the original roster with Peanut.

This move is definitely extremely desperate from Immortals, by picking up SSONG to raise the standards of the team, even knowing full well, he may not be at his peak anymore. SSONG was fairly recently dropped by Longzhu Gaming, a Korean team that finished 7th placed in LCK. Hopefully all will go well for Immortals, as they will likely face relegation next if they aren’t careful.