Immortals benches fnx – csgo

fnx has been benched by yet another team, after being benched late 2016

The Immortals competitive csgo team have announced that they will be taking Lincoln “fnx” Lau off their starting / playing roster. It has been confirmed that “fnx” is still within the Immortals organization and they will not terminate his contract. However, Immortal’s csgo team coach has announced that they are looking to trade fnx to another team, either for another player or an outright contract purchase from IMT.

Immortals stated that “”Maintaining a healthy atmosphere is extremely important to us” in a Facebook post as a reason for the decision. This likely implies that fnx was not on good terms with the rest of the team, while the reason for the disturbance / distress has yet to be disclosed, it is certain that IMT and fnx are not only very friendly terms. In addition to further back this up, fnx has only been with the team for less than 3 months and results have been fairly strong.

The shock decision has forced IMT to without a proper replacement, in the meantime, the position will be subbed in by IMT coach “zakk”.